Multi-Agency Cannabis Raid Reported In Trinity County

Another raid on an illegal pot grow in Trinity County has been announced. The operation involved the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Forest Service and California Department of Fish and Wildlife. It took place on the Shasta Trinity National Forest, in the area of Big Mountain, in the South Fork of Big Creek Watershed. Trinity County Sheriff’s Office K9 Johnny was deployed after two men working in the site that had fled. Johnny apprehended one suspect, identified as Armando Vargas-Garcia and a short time later, officers apprehended Eduardo Montero-Aleman. A total of 8,656 growing marijuana plants and 232 pounds of processed marijuana were eradicated. A scientist from Integral Ecology Research Center was brought in to assess the site. The preliminary environmental assessment documented approximately 840 pounds of soluble fertilizer, thousands of pounds of trash, and numerous water diversions connected to over 3 miles of irrigation pipe, which were diverting thousands of gallons of water per day. Containers of Furan, a highly toxic neurotoxicant rodenticide were found at the site.


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