Update: Woman Accused Of Embezzling From Little League Appears In Court

A woman accused of embezzling from a Redding little league has been charged with using some of that money to pay off a theft from an elderly woman. Last month, Adult Protective Services told Redding Police that Michele Luanne Abrams had used a 90-year-old woman’s credit card to rack up charges, including a flight to Southern California for a shopping spree. She was the woman’s caretaker investigators say the theft from the elderly woman amounted to over $6,400. In November, Abrams was charged with embezzling over $12,000 from West Redding Little League. She reportedly told the woman’s family that she’d fraudulently used the victim’s credit card and agreed to pay the money back. Shortly after that, a family member noticed a payment was made via a cash app that may have come from the little league’s account. Abrams was out of jail on her own recognizance at the time. investigators also say Abrams scammed a 77-year-old woman, who was a friend of the other victim. On Thursday, Abrams was arraigned on charges of felony elder abuse, grand theft, identity theft and one count of petty theft. Her bail was set at a combined total of $100,000 for all her cases. A preliminary hearing is set for February 5th.


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