Online Ad For Stolen Classic Firebird Leads To 7 Arrests

A burglary investigation in the City of Anderson has led to seven arrests. On January 30th a home in Anderson was hit by thieves who got away with a classic 1970 Pontiac Firebird, a Honda Civic and other property inside and outside of the home valued at more than $40,000. When the victim saw his Firebird for sale on Facebook Marketplace, he alerted Anderson Police. That led to a search warrant served at a home on Terrill Street in Redding, where the Firebird was recovered and three people- Michael Hartman, Jeremy Dutcher and Derek Clark -were arrested. That search led police to a home on Churn Creek Road, which was searched on February 5th. The stolen Honda was found along with another $5,000 worth of the victim’s things. Three people were arrested, including Keith McQuilliams and Tara Hayley, who allegedly traded drugs for the Honda. The final arrest on Tuesday was the man believed to have actually committed the thefts. Police say Robert Gregorio Jr. of Cottonwood tried to give away the stolen goods to women in exchange for sexual favors. Much of the property is still missing and the APD is still looking for it.


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