Large Stash of TNT Forces Evacuations in Happy Valley

Happy Valley Road is closed for an extended time following the discovery of a large amount of explosives. Redding Police have been investigating a series of burglaries, and they’ve also been trying to find the source of some plastic explosives found in a back yard off of Lake Boulevard. That connection has not been officially confirmed, but when RPD Investigators arrived at the property Monday and asked if they could look around, they quickly made the discovery in a small barn or workshop building. Sheriff’s Captain Pat Kropholler says the materials include blasting caps, detonator cord, plastic explosives and a lot of TNT, which is potentially very unstable due to its age. The homeowners recently moved in and they were apparently not aware of the explosives. The material is stashed in an inaccessible place, so the Shasta County Bomb Squad is using their bomb suits to manually carry the material out so it can be transported to a safe place to blow it up. In the meantime all the neighbors within a half-mile have been evacuated, as well as Happy Valley Elementary School, and area roads are closed until the danger is gone.


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