Man Allegedly Uses Stolen Credit Card After Thanking Officers

Flattery won’t always get you anywhere, as a wanted man in South Redding learned. Tuesday morning Redding Police Traffic Sergeant Mark Montgomery and Traffic Officer James Stark were having a cup of coffee at the Starbucks on South Bonnyview Road when 27-year-old Kirk Taylor walked in. Taylor recognized Officer Stark, who had arrested him several times, and he approached him to offer kind words. Taylor explained that he had turned his life of crime around and he had Officer Stark to thank for it. As Taylor and the police were still aglow with the satisfaction of the happy story, a man walked in and told the Sergeant and Officer that his car had been broken into earlier in the day. The thief had taken the victim’s ID, credit cards and other items, and the man’s bank informed him that one of his credit cards had been used at that very Starbuck’s location. He spoke with a Starbuck’s employee who said he knew who had used that credit card and that person was still there, and then pointed at Taylor. Officer Stark soon learned that Taylor had a felony warrant, and as he took him into custody he checked Taylor’s pockets and reportedly found the victim’s ID and credit cards.


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