Sheriff Plan To Burn Happy Valley Barn Where Explosives Were Found

The explosives found in a barn in Happy Valley on Monday turned out to be a far greater amount than it first appeared to be, and more than half of it is still there. After the discovery was made by Redding Police investigators, the Shasta County Bomb Suad arrived and ordered all the neighbors within a half-mile under mandatory evacuation, as well as Happy Valley Elementary School. Area roads were closed as well while the disposal operation was underway. The material had been stowed in an inaccessible place, so the bomb squad used their bomb suits to manually carry as much material out as they safely could, and they kept finding more throughout the day. About 150 pounds of explosives was transported to a safe place and detonated in five separate blasts that could be heard from as far away as Palo Cedro and Cottonwood. It’s believed that 150 to 200 pounds of explosives remain at the site. Apparently they were manufactured in the 50’s and 60’s and haven’t moved for decades. That makes the material extremely unstable and dangerous. The greatest danger is in moving such materials, so it’s been decided that the barn will be burned along with the remaining explosives. That will be done after a meticulous search of the property is done. A local state of emergency has been declared by Sheriff Tom Bosenko due to the danger to the public. The property owners, Steven and Tammy Joseph, just bought the place four months ago and they’ve been working on remodeling it. They apparently had no idea the explosives were there.


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