Redding Council To Review Proposed Marijuana Ordinance

On Tuesday the Redding City Council will make a big decision concerning whether a legal cannabis industry will play a part in the future of Redding’s economy. A new draft Marijuana ordinance was released to the public on February 2nd, and on February 13th the Planning Commission voted in favor of recommending it’s approval by the council. The 2016 proposition that legalized recreational use of cannabis allows anyone to grow up to six plants in their home for their own personal use, regardless of local regulations. That’s been in effect since the beginning of last year. However, local governments have a lot of say over the commercial cultivation and sale of cannabis. The City of Shasta Lake has embraced the industry for its considerable tax revenue potential. Shasta County and the City of Anderson have decided to ban any commercial cannabis activity. The City of Redding’s ordinance would ban outdoor cultivation completely, but the new proposed ordinance details exactly how the city may regulate indoor commercial cultivation, distribution, laboratory testing, storage, delivery, manufacture, and retail sale of the plant. Retail outlets would be limited to no more than ten, and would be under the authority of the City Manager. The ordinance is not without opposition. The staff report given to the council includes a letter from Public Health Doctor Terri Fields Hosler, who wants the ordinance to include potency standards, advertising standards and health warnings. Tuesday’s meeting begins at 6 O’clock. The ordinance can be found through a link at


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