Two Men Sentenced To Prison For Growing Marijuana

The Federal Government continues to aggressively enforce the law about Marijuana cultivation in Northern California’s national forests. Sentences have just been handed down in two separate cases, both of them involving convictions not only for growing but for depredation of federal property because of the environmental damage. 20-year-old Sebastian Martinez Arreola of Mexico has been given a 20 month federal prison sentence. He was arrested last August in the Limedyke Mountain Area of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in Trinity County. There were 2500 Marijuana Plants at the site, as well as a 45 caliber handgun. The other case was from a 1500 plant operation in the Mendocino National Forest in Western Tehama County. 39-year-old Pedro Sanchez Muniz, also a Mexican citizen, was found tending the plants. He’s been given a two year federal prison sentence.


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