Deputies Say Man Accidentally Shoots Wife In The Shoulder

A Palo Cedro man may or may not be charged with a crime after shooting his wife. It was apparently an accident, according to the the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office. The man called 9-1-1 just before 3 O’clock Sunday afternoon to report the shooting. Sheriff’s deputies and medical personnel arrived at 10461 Old Oak Lane to find the elderly woman with a bullet hole through her right shoulder. She calmly told deputies that she had been sitting alone in a room when she heard a loud bang and felt a sharp pain in her shoulder. First aid was started by deputies and the woman was taken to a hospital. Her husband said he had been in a different room by himself and had just purchased a new magazine for his 45 caliber handgun. He loaded it and placed it in the gun, then pulled the slide back to be sure the magazine worked correctly. He said that he then pulled the slide back to remove the live bullet, and the gun suddenly went off. The slug traveled through the wall into the other room, went into his wife’s shoulder and out the other side, and then went through another wall into the living room. Although it seemed like an accident and the stories matched, the sheriff’s office is still investigating.


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