Callers Targeting Residents With Jury Duty Scam

Some recent scam attempts were thwarted by the intended victims, but they stand as a warning to others. People in Redding have been getting phone calls telling them they have warrants for their arrest for missing jury duty. They’re told that in order to avoid arrest they need to purchase $400 in prepaid Visa cards and send them to the caller. They’re also told that if they go to the courthouse they’ll be arrested. Fortunately both people who reported the calls recognized them as scams before calling Redding Police. However many victims have lost money to this and other similar scams. The Shasta County District Attorney’s Office says that 12% of American adults become victims of fraud each year. The D.A.’s Office is hosting their 3rd annual senior and veteran fraud prevention fair Tuesday, with 45 different local, state and federal agencies on site. It’s Tuesday from 10AM to 1PM at the Redding Elks Lodge, located just upriver from Caldwell Park.


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