Cell Phone Video Helps Police Identify Stabbing Suspect

Redding Police say witnesses were key in capturing suspects in a stabbing incident downtown over the weekend. At 3 O’clock Saturday afternoon officers were called to the intersection of Trinity and Center Streets. 23-year-old Cody Hammond was suffering from a stab wound to his arm. He had apparently been in an altercation with several other people. The others had fled before police arrived, but officers headed toward the scene caught some of the suspects as they were running away. Witnesses were a huge help, including one who had recorded the conflict on a cell phone video. That reportedly helped officers identify 33-year-old Jamey Walsh as the man who had stabbed Hammond. Walsh was booked into jail for assault with a deadly weapon. 52-year-old Edward Grijalva was also detained nearby, and was eventually arrested for making criminal threats.


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