Two Booked Into Jail After Officers See Them Spray Painting Billboard

Two men have been caught red-handed, sort of, while spray painting graffiti on a billboard in South Redding, according to police. At 12:22AM Tuesday morning a patrol officer saw two people with spray paint cans tagging a billboard along the railroad tracks off Highway 273 and Buenaventura. When they saw the police car, the pair ran south on Eastside Road. Several blocks away officers detained 20-year-old Cole Michael Fisher and 19-year-old Shane Thomas Buckalew. Neither of them had a backpack that was seen being carried earlier by the fleeing vandals. Njord the K9 was brought to the scene and he picked up a scent, following it to the backpack. It contained spray paint receipts from a nearby store, as well as artwork that matched what was being painted on the billboard. It also matched graffiti seen at several other locations. Fisher and Buckalew were booked into jail on several charges.


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