Bomb Squad Disposes Of Grenade Found In Happy Valley Barn

The explosives incident in Happy Valley is now officially concluded. On Tuesday the bomb squad found one last item: a partially damaged but unexploded hand grenade. It was destroyed on site. Last Monday Redding Police investigators following a lead from burglary and explosives cases discovered the large stash of explosives, which included hundreds of pounds of TNT, in an old barn off of Happy Valley Road. Last Tuesday everyone within a half-mile was evacuated, including Happy Valley Elementary School, as about 150 pounds of the material was carried by the bomb squad to a different location and blown up. At least another 200 pounds was destroyed in a controlled fire at the site on Monday. The materials are believed to have been from the 1950’s and 60’s. The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office and Happy Valley Fire Department have acknowledged 20 different public and private entities that assisted with the incident, which was carried out with no injuries and no property damage beyond what was obviously necessary.


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