Council Approves Pot Ordinance, Votes Down Sales Tax

Redding will become the second city in Shasta County to allow wholesale production and retail sales of cannabis. But that decision came after a long and emotionally-charged city council meeting Tuesday night. After nearly two hours of debate the council passed the ordinance 4-1. Only council member Brent Weaver was opposed. Under the ordinance, up to 10 retail stores can open in redding. outdoor growing will be banned. a proposed tax on the sale of cannabis will be taken up by the council in November.

The Redding City Council killed a proposed half cent sales tax measure that would have gone to public safety. A unanimous vote was required to put it on the ballot in June. It failed 4-1 with Adam McElvain voting no. It still may make it to the ballot if a private party can gather enough signatures on a petition.


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