Police: Intoxicated Man Fights With K9 Near Anderson Wal Mart

An Anderson Police K9 got a taste of a man loitering behind a bank early Tuesday morning. At around 2AM an APD Officer on Rhonda Road near Pleasant Hills Drive saw 53-year-old Tony Perez of Montgomery Creek hanging around behind one of the banks in the Wal-Mart shopping center. The officer was suspicious of Perez because it was late and an ATM machine was nearby. When the officer tried to contact Perez, he says Perez was confrontational and began shouting profanities at the officer. Perez allegedly showed signs of being intoxicated and had an odor of booze. The officer tried to detain Perez, who allegedly resisted, even when a backup officer showed up to help. When they tried to get Perez into handcuffs he allegedly tried to hit one of them and continued struggling until Aero the K9 was brought to the scene by his handler. The dog clamped his jaws down on Perez’s left arm and Perez started punching Aero in his snout. Eventually Perez was handcuffed and an ambulance was called. Perez was transported to a hospital for treatment before being booked into jail for assault on a police officer, assault on a police K9, loitering and public intoxication. The dog was not hurt.


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