Deputies Arrest Several People During Probation Check

A few arrests were made Wednesday in the City of Shasta Lake when deputies showed up at a house to do a probation search. 41-year-old Joshua Sampley is on probation for receiving stolen property. Deputies have made many visits to his home on Vallecito Street for reported drug activity, and several stolen vehicles have been recovered from there in the past. When they arrived Wednesday there were 5 people in the house and another one trying to bolt out the backdoor. Everyone was detained and searched, and the house was searched as well. A stolen bicycle was allegedly found, as well as Methamphetamine, Heroin and evidence of sales. Laurie McDaniel was arrested for possession of Heroin and Meth, and for violating her post release supervision. Brandon Siders and Sherrie Gould were arrested for drug possession. Another man was cited for a misdemeanor warrant. Sampley was arrested for drug possession, being a felon with ammunition, and maintaining a place where drugs are sold.


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