K9 Helps Officers Take Down Heavily Armed Man In South Redding

A heavily armed man was captured at gunpoint in South Redding Wednesday after allegedly threatening to shoot up the Shasta County Sheriff’s Department. 47-year-old Joshua Andrew Baker was recently served with a domestic violence restraining order, which he’s accused of violating several times. Wednesday morning an officer talked to Baker on the phone, and baker agreed to turn himself in, though he denied the violations. He also allegedly mentioned that he was carrying a 223 caliber semi-auto rifle and other guns with him. A bulletin was broadcast to area law enforcement to be on the lookout for Baker. During the ensuing investigation it was apparently learned that he was planning on shooting his estranged wife and her mother, and that he had discussed going to the sheriff’s office and “shooting up the place”. Early Wednesday afternoon a tip was received about Baker’s location in South Redding. Police swarmed the area and made a high-risk traffic stop on El Reno Lane off Westside Road. Baker at first refused to give up, but Chyr the K9 convinced him. During a search of the vehicle, a loaded 223 rifle and a loaded 12 gauge shotgun were allegedly found, along with extra ammo. Baker was treated at a hospital for his encounter with the K9, then booked into jail for terrorist threats and other charges.


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