Police: Man With Airsoft Gun Arrested After Shooting At Neighbors

A man was arrested for shooting another man with a pellet gun Wednesday night. At around 10:30PM Redding Police were called to an apartment complex on Azoulay Court on reports that a man was in the common area of the complex with an assault rifle. Officers arrived to find an Airsoft gun on the ground that looked like an AR-15, along with a fixed-blade combat knife. Two people approached and said a drunken neighbor had been in a loud argument with his girlfriend in the parking lot when the two neighbors tried to calm him down. He brandished a knife at one of them, then went into his apartment and emerged with the Airsoft gun, which he used to shoot the other man several times at close range. He then dropped the weapons and ran away across Victor Avenue. The man who was shot with the hard plastic pellets was taken to a hospital. A CHP helicopter helped in the search for the suspect. About 20 minutes later someone called from Whaley Road to say a man appeared to be trying to hide from the helicopter. Officers headed over there and were pointed in the direction of some bushes near the end of the cul-de-sac. That’s where they reported finding 28-year-old Drew David Luera. He was booked into jail for assault with a deadly weapon.


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