Man Shot By Police Near Redding School Released From Hospital

A Redding man who was shot by police on February 7th has gotten out of the hospital and has been sent to jail. Although he was shot with 5 or 6 rounds at close range by Redding Police Officers, 38-year-old Levi Strauss Nicholson -a.k.a. Grigalba- is recovering well. After allegedly shoplifting energy drinks from the Tower Mart on Lake Boulevard and using a baseball bat to break the car window of an employee of Lake Liquor, Nicholson reportedly showed up on the campus of Buckeye Elementary School, still armed with the baseball bat. When Redding Police arrived Nicholson ran behind a house on Hiatt Drive across the street from the school. Two RPD Officers confronted Nicholson and ordered him to put the bat down. Instead, he reportedly held the bat over his head as if to strike and advanced toward the officers. They opened fire and Nicholson hit the ground. A K9 was then used to help subdue him and get him into handcuffs. Nicholson was released from the hospital on Friday and immediately arraigned. His bail is set at a Quarter Million Dollars.


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