RPD: Sleeping Man Found With Heroin & Stolen Gun

A man found passed out in his car was on Heroin, according to Redding Police. At 10 O’clock Friday morning officers were sent to Grouse Drive and Lancers Lane on reports of a man slumped over the wheel of his car. They found 29-year-old Julian Dietle, still passed out, and they reportedly could see drug paraphernalia in plain sight. Officers say when they pulled Dietle out of the car, drug packaging and needles fell out of his pockets. A search of the car allegedly turned up 2.6 grams of Heroin, a scale and loaded double-barreled shotgun that had been sawed off and was only about a foot long. The gun had been reported stolen in a Redding burglary way back in 1986, before Dietle was even born. Dietle, who’s on post release supervision for domestic violence, was booked into jail on nine drug and weapon related charges.


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