Son Faces Life In Prison After Murdering His Father

A Shasta Lake City man has been found guilty of murdering his father. On the night of January 22nd of 2016 Salvadore Giordano was beaten to death at his Cabello Street home by his son, Stephen Matthew Giordano. The 83-year-old victim had been discovered dead by his wife Carole. Stephen had been staying with the couple and had apparently been fighting with them frequently, sometimes violently. When Carole left earlier in the evening, she said Salvadore and Stephen were praying about the fighting. When she returned Stephen was gone and her husband was dead. Stephen was found later hiding in the bathroom of a home on Shasta Street. He had blood on his hands, clothes, and boots and during questioning he admitted to being responsible for the death of his father. He later tried to plead insanity. On Friday a jury returned a guilty verdict on first degree murder. When he’s sentenced next month, Giordano could get up to 25 years to life in prison.


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