Two Arrested After Burglary In Los Molinos Area

Tehama County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested two people in connection to a burglary that occurred in Los Molinos on Saturday. Deputies were investigating a burglary that occurred early Saturday morning and used video surveillance from a nearby business to identify 40-year-old Kevin Johnston as a possible suspect. The video apparently showed Johnston using a key to unlock the victims vehicle at about 2AM. Deputies say that the key was not the correct key, but Johnston was allegedly able to take some tools, a car stereo, 150 feet of rope, some clothing, and 20 Dollars cash. He returned about 2 hours later and took some other items. Deputies tracked down Johnston who is a transient, and learned he had given or sold some of the items to Steven McCabe who lives in a fifth wheel trailer in Los Molinos. McCabe is on post release supervision and is required to wear an ankle monitor. A search of his trailer was done and deputies recovered most of the stolen items. both men were booked into Tehama County Jail.


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