NPU Arrests Several People On Weapons And Drug Charges

Redding’s Neighborhood Police Unit along with several area law enforcement agencies have made several arrests after receiving multiple reports of ongoing drug activity at the Martin Luther King Jr. Park. In December officers began their investigation and in the early morning hours of March 2nd two search warrants were served. During a search at 19473 Anna Road in Anderson, officers arrested 31-year-old Joseph Pearson who goes by the nickname “Jo-Jo”. Pearson is a convicted felon and was allegedly found in possession of a high-capacity magazine and a stun gun. A home at 22379 Blue Ridge Drive in Cottonwood was also searched and officers arrested 26-year-old Kyvell Jackson, aka “Betcha”, and 29-year-old Viola Wright. Jackson was arrested for possession of a loaded firearm while in possession of drugs, unlawfully transferring a firearm, and child endangerment.Officers say that one of the firearms in his possession had be stolen in December during a burglary in Bella Vista. Wright was arrested for child endangerment. The investigation than led officers to the Vagabond Inn on Bechelli Lane where 57-year-old Melvin Rodgers was arrested on March 11th. He is being charged with being a felon in possession of a tear gas weapon.


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