Accused DUI Driver To Be Tried For 2 Murders

A preliminary hearing last week lasted an entire day for a 25-year-old woman charged with murder for an allegedly drunken crash that killed two teenagers in November. The collision happened at 12:35am on November 3rd at the corner of Hartnell and Churn Creek. A Ford Freestyle driven by Kendra Andersen-Schwegerl was southbound on Churn Creek Road, reportedly speeding and straddling both southbound lanes. At the Hartnell intersection the light was red and she plowed into the rear of a Toyota Corolla containing five people. 19-year-old Erica Young and 18-year-old Wa-Rec Lacy Mae Jackson were killed. The other three passengers suffered major injuries. Andersen-Schwegerl had minor injuries. There were apparently open containers of alcohol in her SUV and the District Attorney’s office says she had a blood alcohol level of .254%, more than 3 times the legal limit. During the preliminary hearing a judge ruled that she be held over for trial on two counts of second degree murder, with several enhancements. Andersen-Schwegerl was taken into custody in December and remains behind bars on one million dollars bail. She’ll be back in court on March 26th for trial dates to be set


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