Arrests Made In Poisoned Police K9 Case

Police say the burglars who poisoned a retired police K9 have been caught after one of them informed on the others to try and collect the reward. Tarro the K9 was poisoned during the burglary of Officer Ryan Ellis’s house on Trumpet Drive March 7th. He quickly recovered. A $20,000 reward was offered, but 32-year-old Johnathon Crossman won’t get any of it because he and 35-year-old Joshua Norton allegedly tried to sell some of Officer Ellis’s stolen guns. A search of Norton’s Springer Drive home allegedly turned up three of the guns and a stolen car. 26-year-old Aaron Friedman, on probation for burglary, is accused of being Norton’s getaway driver. 32-year-old Cal Demercurio Jr, on supervised release for burglary, was arrested at the Probation Daily Reporting Center, allegedly in possession of multiple bags of heroin and methamphetamine. All four men have been booked for burglary, conspiracy and other charges. Norton and Demercurio are also charged with animal cruelty. RPD Investigators are still seeking information on the burglary, and reward money is still available at 243-2919 or


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