Redding Woman Dies in Crash Near Orland

A Redding woman was killed when she crashed her SUV in Glenn County Monday morning. At 7:39am a 2002 Toyota 4Runner was northbound on Interstate 5 at an unknown speed, driven by 57-year-old Ginger Fox. She was driving alone and it’s not known why the vehicle drifted off the left side of the pavement onto the gravel shoulder a little north of Orland near County Road 7. Fox tried to correct the movement but pulled the wheel too hard to the right, causing the SUV to shoot back across both northbound lanes and off the other side of the freeway. The Toyota rolled over until it was stopped by a tree. Fox was not wearing a seatbelt and she was fully ejected during the rollover, causing fatal injuries. The CHP says it does not appear that alcohol or drugs were a factor.


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