Man On Bicycle Tries To Elude Pursuing Deputies

Another Corning resident has made a futile attempt to evade police by pedaling away. On Saturday a wanted man on a bicycle lost a two block pursuit by a Corning Police car. Two hours later a wanted man on a skateboard was chased a couple of hundred yards until he fell down. The trend continued Monday afternoon when an officer attempted a traffic stop of a bicycle on Fig Lane. The 52-year-old rider ignored the patrol car behind him and kept riding as he pulled an item from his waistband and threw it into somebody’s front yard. He finally stopped a half-block later and pulled something else from his waistband, which he threw into a garbage can. Officers retrieved the discarded items, which included 1.3 Grams of Methamphetamine, 1.7 Grams of Heroin and 4 Morphine pills.


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