Elementary School Locked Down During Search For Suspect

An Anderson-area elementary school was locked down Wednesday morning while deputies chased a reportedly suicidal man. At 10:25AM Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies were sent to Matamoros Street, which is east of Airport Road and north of Dersch, to look for 24-year-old Brandon Osborne. As they arrived, Osborne reportedly fled on foot. Deputies searched around his property and found him near a thicket of brush and trees. He allegedly brandished a 10-inch-long kitchen knife at the deputies while yelling at them, then ran away toward some other houses, still holding the knife. The deputies ran after him and he threw the knife to the ground and kept running toward the southeast. That’s the direction of Prairie School, and since it wasn’t known if Osborne had any other weapons, the school was ordered onto lockdown. Eventually Osborne was found in a creek area northwest of the school. After being medically cleared at a hospital, Osborne was booked into jail for assault with a deadly weapon.


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