Man Found Guilty On Robbery Charges

A jury has convicted a Redding man of a North Redding vehicle break-in that turned from burglary to robbery when the car’s owner came along. Last October 12th John Honeycut walked out of his home and approached his car, only to find a man inside of it. 30-year-old William Riley Taylor told Honeycut he wasn’t stealing anything, but just trying to stay warm. Taylor was told to leave but as he was walking away Honeycut saw that his wallet and cell phone were missing. He ran and confronted Taylor, who acted like he had a gun in his pocket and threatened to shoot Honeycut. When Taylor pulled his hand out he only had a pair of scissors, which then slipped out of his hand and hit the ground. Taylor then ran away and Honeycut called Redding Police. An officer picked up Taylor the following day and found Honeycut’s Visa card in his backpack. Taylor was found guilty of robbery Thursday. He was already on felony probation.


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