Investigation Shows Intoxicated Woman Was Not Driving Before Fatal Crash

A Humboldt County woman who was arrested for felony DUI after a fatal crash in Downtown Redding last week was not behind the wheel, according to Redding Police. Last Wednesday night, a 1972 Chevy entered the intersection of California Street and South Street on a red light and was broadsided by a Toyota pickup. The crash killed 24-year-old Matthew Cave Sieglock of Redding, who was a backseat passenger. 41-year-old Larose Marie Kelly of Garberville was among the injured and she was arrested for felony driving under the influence. On Thursday, a witness told investigators that Kelly was not driving and said that 20-year-old Lily Ann Richey was actually driving. Later that morning, officers interviewed Larose Kelly and her husband Jameson at Mercy Medical Center and she apparently admitted to being intoxicated, but she did not recall being the driver. Her husband was adamant that Lily Richey was the driver and that Larose was a passenger. As the investigation continued, a video posted to social media was obtained that seems to show Richey behind the wheel and Kelly riding as a passenger next to her. Based on the new evidence, Richey was re-interviewed and investigators say she admitted to driving the car, and running the red light. She also allegedly admitted to falsely identifying Kelly as the driver. Richey was not arrested after the interview, but may face charges after the investigation is finished and forwarded to the district attorney’s office. Police say that Richey was not under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash.


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