Man Arrested After Dispute Erupts In Gunfire

A Lakehead man apparently became irate at his neighbor for speeding past his house, and reacted with gunfire. Saturday evening Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to Gregory Creek Road by Brandon Castle. He said he had been in a verbal dispute with his neighbor down the road, 29-year-old John Greeno. As they exchanged words, Castle says Greeno threatened to kill him for driving too fast. Castle reported that after the argument he returned to his own house and a few minutes later Greeno was at his door demanding a fight. Castle refused to go outside and face Greeno, but about ten minutes later he says he heard several gun shots being fired just outside. Deputies investigated, and found evidence that a gun had been fired nearby. While they were there Greeno returned and he was questioned and then arrested for criminal threats and negligent discharge.


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