Alleged Purse Snatcher Flushed Out By Police K9

The threat of an Anderson Police K9 was enough to flush out a purse snatching suspect from a gas station bathroom Monday night. APD Officers were called a little before 6:30PM to the Anderson Safeway by a bystander reported witnessing 20-year-old James Potter running through the parking lot carrying a purse, with a 61-year-old woman chasing after him. He had apparently just grabbed the purse from the woman’s shopping cart. She gave up the chase, but two witnesses chased Potter down and got the woman’s purse back for her. Potter got away at first until an officer saw him going into the Safeway gas station and attempting to hide in the bathroom. Aero the K9 was brought to the bathroom door and when Potter was told that the dog would be sent in after him he quickly surrendered. He was apparently trying to change his clothing to alter his appearance. He was booked into jail for robbery and burglary.


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