Authorities Investigating Arson Fires In Trinity County

A series of suspicious fires is under investigation in Hayfork, according to the Trinity Journal. Three fires have destroyed multiple trailers within a week in the Morgan Hill Area. The first fire was last Tuesday night between Locust and Madrone Streets. It burned several trailers and small structures, according to the newspaper’s website. Apparently the trailers and structures were abandoned, but the sheriff’s office says squatters had been living in some of them. Road flares were found at the scene, prompting an arson investigation. On Monday a vehicle was apparently set ablaze intentionally on Morgan Hill Road. Tuesday morning firefighters were called to Morgan Hill Road at Locust Street to find two trailers engulfed in flames. Two dogs died in the fires and two people suffered burns, one of them badly enough to be airlifted to a burn center. It’s not known if the two people were residents. The blaze was just a few hundred yards from the fire a week earlier. All three are considered related.


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