Redding Neurologist Faces Additional Felony Charges

Charges have piled high for a Redding brain doctor accused of sex crimes against his patients. Neurologist Hamid Rabiee now faces 99 separate counts. He remains in Shasta County Jail, with bail now set at $4 Million. He was initially charged February 8th with 9 felony counts after four female patients accused him of touching their intimate areas during exams, under the guise of legitimate medical treatment. Two weeks later Doctor Rabiee was arraigned on 19 additional felony counts based on accusations made by four more women. Thursday he was arraigned on an indictment that includes 71 additional felony sex crimes, and he still awaits arraignment on the 28 counts included in his two previous cases for which he’s had preliminary hearings. His next court appearance is set for April 9th. That’s when he’ll be arraigned on the other counts and have trial dates set on Thursday indictment.


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