Alleged Thief Arrested After Striking Security Guard With Ceramic Statue

A man who Redding Police call a habitual thief was captured after allegedly assaulting a security guard at K-Mart. At 8:20AM Thursday morning, employees at Rite-Aid on East Cypress approached 25-year-old Ryan Robert Hurn as he was taking some portable speakers off of a shelf. The employees did not believe Hurn had any intention of purchasing the speakers because he had apparently stolen from the store before. The manager told him to put the speakers back but he reportedly refused and fled with the stolen goods. Three hours later Hurn was at K-mart. Security said he was stuffing merchandise into his backpack and down his pants. He was asked to return the goods and leave and he apparently was belligerent. He started to leave but on the way out he allegedly picked up a ceramic statue and struck the security guard in the chest with it. He was captured by Redding Police a short distance away and booked into jail for robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. So far this year Hurn has been booked into Shasta County Jail four times and has also been cited and released three times. Three of his arrests happened on March 5th. That day he was cited and released for petty theft, then arrested for another theft at a Hilltop Drive business. Upon release that same day he reportedly stole from Rite Aid on Eureka Way and was arrested again. He remains in jail Friday morning on $275,000 bail.


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