Convicted Pimp Sentenced To Life In Prison

A Sacramento man convicted of gang activity, sex crimes, and forcing others to commit crimes, all before the age of 22, has gotten a sentence so lengthy there’s no chance he’ll ever walk free. A Shasta County jury found Stevie Lee Boston guilty in January but proceedings had to be delayed 2 weeks after his family caused a commotion in the courtroom. Boston was arrested in 2016 for pimping a Redding woman. Redding Police were called to Hinkle’s Market for a woman who had escaped from a nearby apartment. She had been reported as a missing person the previous day and had been held against her will, physically and sexually assaulted, and forced to engage in prostitution from Sacramento to Stockton and then back in Redding. She identified the pimp as Stevie Boston. The investigation led to an apartment in West Sacramento, where Boston was arrested. He had a long history of gang and gun related crimes and was already a wanted parolee. He has prior strike convictions and was found guilty of various gang-related crimes for his affiliation with the Oak Park Bloods, and for committing crimes within 5 years of being released from prison including kidnapping and sexual assault. On Thursday Boston was sentenced to the maximum possible: a determinate 50 years in prison, followed by 164 years to life.


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