Remnants Of Honey Oil Lab Found At Motel 6

An abandoned and dismantled Butane Honey Oil Lab was seized by Redding Fire Department on Thursday. After being tipped off, investigators got the cooperation of the management of the Motel 6 on Hilltop and found the essential items, which generally include a lot of marijuana, some lab equipment, and highly refined butane canisters. The dangerous practice has mostly been discontinued since the passage of Prop 64 decriminalized recreational cannabis, but Redding Fire Department has had a lot of experience with the explosions that have been caused by “BTO labs”. Prior to 2016, numerous houses, apartment units and motel rooms in Redding were destroyed and a number of people suffered very severe burns and several fatalities. The fire department says a person of interest is being sought. The case is being handed over to the DA’s Office.


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