Several Cited For Selling Alcohol To Minors

It was hit-and-miss for a series of minor alcohol stings in Redding on Thursday. Funded by a state grant, Redding Police watched as an underage decoy approached 9 different people on their way into stores and asked if they would buy alcohol for the minor. 8 of them said no but 33-year-old Gregory Alan White was arrested after buying beer for the teenager. Although violators are usually cited and released, White is on parole for sex offenses against a minor. He was booked into jail. The team also did the other kind of alcohol sting, sending the minor into the stores to make the purchases. Ten businesses were visited and three of them reportedly sold alcohol to the minor: the Valero Station at Churn Creek and South Bonnyview, the Chevron Station right across the street, and the Shell Station at Hartnell and Churn Creek. The clerks were given citations.


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