Man Allegedly Tries To Hire Inmates To Kill His Parents

A Tehama County man is accused of trying to hire someone to murder his parents. 37-year-old Andrew Tyler Kratz has been in jail since October 9th. That’s the day he allegedly pushed his elderly father several times, violently snatched the glasses from his face, punched him in the head and threw a shovel at him like a spear. Kratz then allegedly pinned his father to the floor with his forearm, preventing him from breathing for some time. Since he’s been in jail, Kratz has been reportedly trying to hire other inmates to kill his father and stepmother, steal their things as payment, and bury their bodies on the property with their tractor. Kratz apparently made detailed arrangements for his plan to be carried out, but rather than help him the other inmates tipped off authorities. Kratz was arraigned on the new charges Monday.


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