Bystander Prevents Carjacking Of Elderly Man

A concerned bystander prevented a carjacking in Downtown Redding Tuesday night, according to police. Just after 6 O’clock an 83-year-old man was near his car in the downtown parking structure when he was approached by 24-year-old Casey John Stout, who allegedly demanded the man’s car keys. As he was yelling at the man Stout apparently caught the attention of a witness, who intervened and knocked stout to the ground. As Stout fled on foot he was spotted by Officer Lauren Meyer, who chased him on foot for several blocks before catching him. During the foot chase, Stout allegedly tried to carjack somebody else who was stopped in traffic. That driver fled, but the police department would like to talk to them. Stout reportedly told officers that he had targeted the elderly man because he seemed like an easy victim. He’s on felony probation for burglary, and he was booked into jail on several charges.


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