Man Faces Felony Charges After Fighting With Deputies

A Los Molinos man had to be hospitalized after fighting with deputies, according to the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office. At 5:38AM Monday morning, 24-year-old Ethan Winter was allegedly armed with a knife and trying to get into the home of 48-year-old Mark Cabdreva on Hooker Creek Road. When deputies arrived, Winter was sitting in Candreva’s pickup truck and refusing to get out. A shotgun had been left in the cab of the truck. Winter reportedly found some live shells and loaded the shotgun, then pointed it out the driver’s side window toward the deputies, challenging them to shoot him. After about 30 minutes of negotiations, an opportunity arose when winter adjusted his position and the shotgun got jammed between the steering wheel and the center console. Deputies jumped at the chance, quickly getting the truck door open and seizing the shotgun. Winter was more resistant than ever, though, and deputies tased him. Rather than subdue him, that caused him to jump from the truck and rush the deputies. Winter was then struck three times with shotgun-fired beanbag rounds, but they also failed to knock him down. He was struck numerous times with a baton and tasers as he continued to fight and reportedly tried to take guns from two of the deputies. It eventually took seven deputies to get Winter under control. Two of them sustained minor injuries. Winter needed surgery for one of his hands and was kept hospitalized for observation. He was reportedly under the influence of Methamphetamine, alcohol, psilocybin mushrooms and marijuana. When he gets out if the hospital, Winter will be booked on several felony charges.


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