SWAT Team Called To Arrest Felon In Rancho Tehama Reserve

A report of a shot fired in close proximity to a sheriff’s deputy brought a SWAT Team to Rancho Tehama Reserve Wednesday morning. At 11:45AM Tuesday night a deputy was investigating a reported burglary on North Mendocino Drive that led him to a trailer on Placer Court, also in Rancho Tehama. As he knocked on the trailer door and announced himself as a Tehama County Sheriff’s Deputy, a single shot was fired just inside. The deputy feared for his safety and retreated down an embankment while alerting dispatch on his radio. The deputy was not injured. A standoff followed as other deputies responded and a perimeter was established. The SWAT Team arrived at 5AM, and within an hour 27-year-old Darin Anthony Madden surrendered peacefully. He was booked into jail for being a felon in possession of a firearm.


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