Man Sentenced To 45 Years For Sexually Abusing Young Family Member

A 31-year-old Red Bluff man has been given a lengthy prison sentence for sexually abusing a young family member. Christopher Leroy Luescher was arrested by Tehama County Sheriff’s Detectives in August of last year after a search of his home on Rawson Road. A number of electronic devices were seized. Luescher’s cell phone contained hundreds of pornographic photos of young children that he had acquired from the Internet. None of the photos depicted Luescher’s molestation victim, a 9-year-old female relative that he had been sexually abusing at the family’s ranch for several years. He’s already been charged with possession of child porn and felony child sexual assault charges are pending. Convicted of lewd acts on a child and continuous sexual abuse with two special allegations, Leuscher has been sentenced to 45 years in state prison.


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