Police Seek Victim Of Downtown Crime Spree

A Redding man has been arraigned on a number of charges from an alleged crime spree on Tuesday, but one charge can’t be brought until a victim is found. Casey John Stout allegedly tried to steal a woman’s purse on Market Street but was repelled when two other women came to her assistance. Stout then allegedly threw a rock through the window of a car parked on Pine Street in order to steal things. Police say Stout then tried to carjack an 83-year-old man in the downtown parking structure but was knocked to the ground by a concerned bystander. Following a foot chase he was eventually captured by Redding Police. During the chase he allegedly tried to carjack a red SUV by opening the passenger door but the occupants fought him off and fled. Redding Police need to speak to the people in that SUV so another carjacking charge can be leveled against Stout. He’s being held on $1 Million bail.


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