Authorities Make Several Arrests After String Of Fire Station Burglaries

Several arrests have been made from break-ins at multiple Cal-Fire stations in Shasta and Tehama Counties. On March 10th Cal-Fire Law Enforcement learned that several items had been stolen from Station 34 on Oak-Run-To-Fern Road. Surveillance video showed that four people had been there on March 9th at 3AM. The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office and Redding Police both recognized the vehicle and the people from suspicious incidents earlier that night. Cal-Fire Officers then found the stolen items for sale online and arranged a purchase with 29-year-old Brandon Rhoades, who was arrested. It was then learned that three other Cal-Fire Stations were broken into on March 9th and 10th. The officers accompanied deputies to arrest 33-year-old Travis Rhoades on a warrant for brandishing a handgun. While they were at his home in Keswick, they apparently recognized several of the items taken from the Oak Run Station. They got a search warrant and reportedly found yet more stolen items, as well as evidence of Methamphetamine sales. Rhoades’ girlfriend, 21-year-old Brianna Seville, was arrested. On March 17th a vehicle was stopped and impounded in Red Bluff that apparently contained firefighting tools and equipment stolen from the Red Bank and Baker Cal-Fire Stations. The occupants of the car, Jason Goltz and Brianna Meier, live in Anderson so a search warrant was served at their home and firefighting equipment was found. It’s believed that Goltz was one of the people in the car at Oak Run March 9th. He was later arrested along with Meier. Investigators believe that Goltz traded a generator stolen from the Manton Volunteer Fire Station for a car parked in his driveway. Cal-Fire says the network of fire station burglaries deprived firefighters of life saving tools.


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