Deputies: Man Terrorizes House Full Of People In Shasta Lake

A Shasta Lake City man was taken into custody after madly rambling through the streets and then chasing some terrified people out of their house, according to the sheriff’s office. A little after 2 O’clock Tuesday morning, there were multiple reports from Vallecito Street of a man waving a knife or an axe running through the neighborhood yelling “Everyone is going to die!” When deputies got to 4404 Vallecito they could hear a man yelling inside the house. The homeowner, Joshua Samply, was in the front yard with Jeremy Siwka, Sherrie Gould and Eric Riodan. They said that Ismael Hernandez Porras had forced his way inside after damaging numerous windows. Riodan said he was asleep when he awoke to Porras brandishing a knife at him and threatening to kill him. Riodan said he ran as Porras chased him through the house trying to stab him. Riordan and the other three occupants fled to the front yard, leaving Porras inside. Deputies ordered Porras out with a loudspeaker but, after getting no response, they opened a window to peek inside. They saw Porras lying on the floor, passed out and bleeding. After being treated at a hospital for apparently self-inflicted wounds, Porras was booked into jail on several charges. He’s on parole for assault with a deadly weapon.


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