Home Invasion Robbers Take Plea Deal, Sentenced To Prison

Three suspects have decided to plead guilty to charges from a home invasion robbery in Lakehead. On December 30th an elderly man was severely beaten by 38-year-old Lorito Bolayog, his 31-year-old brother Adrian Bolayog and 57-year-old Gary Bennett. The armed trio bound the victim with zip ties while they spent about 6 hours overnight ransacking and robbing his home. They stole a number of guns, as well as watches, knives and other property, and in the morning they fled in the man’s pickup truck. He got out of his bounds quickly and called 9-1-1. Deputies headed to the scene spotted the pickup near Bridge Bay going southbound on I5, and a chase was on. The truck exited onto North Street in Anderson and, with deputies trying to get into position to force a stop, the truck went through town and back onto the freeway from Highway 273. The chase then went down Main Street in Cottonwood all the way to the end and turned onto Lake California Drive, where the suspects started throwing the stolen guns out the windows. As the chase entered the gated community, a deputy rammed the truck and forced it off the road. The driver, Gary Bennett, and Lorito Bolayog were taken into custody after a struggle. Adrian Bolayog got away but was arrested in Nevada about a month later and was extradited back to Shasta County. All three robbers had their preliminary hearing set for Wednesday morning, but instead they entered guilty pleas to charges including first degree robbery in concert, felony assault, and more. The Bolayogs were both sentenced immediately to 16 years 4 months in state prison. Bennett will get a 16 year sentence on April 25th. Because they each pled to at least one violent felony, all three will have to serve at least 85% of their sentences before being eligible for parole.


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