Check Of Vehicle Stuck In The Mud Recovers Stolen Guns

A case involving the theft of some valuable guns in the Gerber area practically solved itself later the same day. At 12:35PM Monday afternoon Clint Brewer told Tehama County Sheriff’s Deputies that somebody had entered through an unlocked door into his house on Woodland Avenue in Gerber. He was missing six guns, some of them very valuable firearms including a modified Remington 280 worth $6000. He also was missing some cash. Six hours later deputies went to check out a suspicious vehicle near Walnut Road and Wilder Road in Red Bluff. They found a Jeep Cherokee stuck in the mud in a field. When they got closer they could see several rifles in the back seat. When they got even closer they found 27-year-old Bobbi Thompson-Gonzalez passed out on the ground. She was detained and it was discovered she had a prior felony conviction, so she was prohibited from having guns. Brewer was brought to the scene and he identified the guns as his. In Thompson-Gonzalez’s purse deputies reportedly found several hypodermic needles. She was booked into jail and the sheriff’s office says more arrests are anticipated.


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