APD: Man Arrested After Leading Officers On Chase “For Fun”

A man who led officers on a high-speed chase said he was just trying to have fun, according to Anderson Police. At 9:30AM Friday night an officer tried to stop an Isuzu Trooper for reckless driving in the area of Bruce Street and Emily Drive. The driver sped away up Olinda Road and turned onto West Anderson Drive. After about a mile he turned around and came back the other direction at over 90 miles an hour, then went west on Olinda Road to Peter Pan Gulch. He then drove the SUV off the road, through a field and across a small creek before getting out running away into the brush. Aero the K9 picked up a track and officers announced that he would be sent after the man unless he surrendered. 29-year-old Matthew Christopher Humble yelled back that he didn’t want to get bit and he gave up. Humble, who’s on probation for resisting arrest, said he just wanted to have fun, and he asked the officer if they had fun too. His Isuzu was impounded and humble was booked into jail for felony evading and several other charges.


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