RPD Report: Murder, Stolen Guns & Explosives All Tied Together

A Redding Police report paints a picture of a tangled web of crimes involving the explosives recently destroyed in Happy Valley. The report says it was some of those explosives that were found in the back yard of a house on Hiatt Drive after a note on the front door tipped off the residents. It was allegedly 50-year-old Daniel Kuykendall and a Hiatt Drive neighbor, 24-year-old Justin Greene, who hid the explosives because Kuykendall feared that he was being followed by police. More blasting caps and other explosives were apparently buried near Kuykendall’s home on Honeycomb Drive. Kuykendall and Greene are accused of conspiring with Joseph Stauffer and Patrick McDaniel to sell weapons stolen from a Shasta County Sheriff’s Office storage container off Caterpillar Road. The report says that sale was to take place in Reno but things went wrong and the intended buyer, Michael Kiser, shot and killed McDaniel. Greene was in jail at the time but the report alleges that he asked his girlfriend to use some of the explosives to blast a wall at the jail and free him. The report also reveals that the original owner of the explosives was a Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputy who died in 2012 and had been in charge of the evidence division. Some criminal charges are still pending as the investigation is ongoing.


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